Guitar Luxury Pool & Spa Design

Guitar Luxury Pool & Spa Design

Guitar Luxury Pool & Spa Design

Project Description:

This guitar luxury pool & spa design is perhaps one of the most fun and creative designs in our portfolio. Every now and then our clients come to us asking for an over-the-top backyard design that is as unique as their personality. In connecting with what was important to the client, music is the very background of their lives and holds a special meaning for them. Consequently, this guitar-shaped pool design that was recently featured in Pool Magazine really nails down the character of the homeowner and is a tastefully designed personal backyard retreat like no other. From the raised tanning ledge and firepit inside the pool, to the covered pavilion seating area, no attention to detail was overlooked.

As Seen in Pool Magazine

Learn more about this incredible project in the latest issue of Pool Magazine.

Pool Magazine
Chris Johannsen

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