11 Outdoor Living Trends for 2022

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Outdoor living areas are on the rise these days. Many people are decorating their front and backyard space to create a chance for a staycation. If you want to enjoy the outdoor environment without leaving your home, you can join the trend of creating outdoor living areas. So, you may wonder, “What are the outdoor living trends for 2022?” 

As more people stay home these days, they are transforming their outdoor areas into comfortable spaces to gather around with friends and family. Thus, having outdoor kitchens, bars, fire/water features, and pools are trending in 2022. 

In this article, we will tell you about the outdoor living trends that are already popular or going to be popular in 2022. So, if you are interested in turning your extra outdoor space into a living area, keep reading.

Popular Outdoor Living Trends For 2022

It is interesting to see how Covid has really changed the way we think and has shaped our lives. Hopefully we are putting Covid in our rearview mirror, but it is still a big part of our lives and has formed most of these trends. Spending time outdoors is important for both our mental and physical health. When you decide to create a cozy outdoor space, it is crucial to develop a plan. All the elements, furniture, and even color have significant effects on a person’s mind.

If you don’t know how to take your outdoor living space to the next level, here are the trends for 2022:

Dark Colors  

Choosing the right color for the outside living area is crucial for the feeling you will get when entering the space. The color of furniture and other elements depends on the deck/patio and wall color. While people still prefer matching the color of outdoor living space with the indoors, many people are interested in playing with different shades outdoors.

Besides warm earthy tones, shades of black and other dark colors are becoming popular. These colors give an elegant look and allow people to experiment with different colors of furniture and decorations. We are seeing a shift in thinking; we used to use softscape to add color to an environment. Now the landscape is becoming different shades and textures of green, and we’re adding color to the hardscape.

Outdoor Kitchen 

The current situation has changed the outdoor eating habits of people. Now, people are more concerned about their health and safety. Thus, you can see the rise of outdoor kitchens in empty backyards.

People invite their friends and family to enjoy delicious meals in a safe environment. As many people are picking up this trend in recent times, they have to modify the outdoor space to build kitchens. They often install stainless steel and brick or stacked stone material to construct the outdoor kitchen. Additionally, we are now seeing a rise in outdoor cabinets further blurring the lines between the inside kitchen and outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens under pergola, awning, or any other shade, are becoming more popular than uncovered kitchens. Have you ever stood at your grill in the rain? The kitchens often have pizza ovens and grills. Many outdoor cooking enthusiasts are even adding outdoor sinks and refrigerators to the kitchen. These arrangements help people cook delicious food in the comfort of their backyard while minimizing the effects of weather.

Large Outdoor Dining Tables

Because of the pandemic, people have to avoid having group lunches or dinners in restaurants. As you know, the outdoor kitchen has become popular. Similarly, large outdoor eating tables are trending this year.

These large outdoor dining tables can accommodate 10 to 15 people at once. Therefore, they are perfect for any gathering of close family and friends. Accommodating this number of guests inside the house means hard work and putting everyone’s health at risk.

As the demand for large tables is increasing , many suppliers are falling behind filling their orders.

Folding Doors and Windows to Let the Outside In

Folding doors, also known as bi-folding doors, are bold-design statements preferred by people who want to get some fresh air inside their house. When folded, the doors and windows look like glass walls. And when they are opened, they blur the line between indoors and outdoors.

People are using these folding patio doors to allow more natural light indoors. At the same time, the bi-folding doors and windows make the house appear more spacious. Since the door and window panels can be installed in both large and small spaces, any outdoor lover will appreciate installing them.

Pro tip: if you are in an area with lots of bugs, make sure the doors or windows open to a screened in area. If not, you will spend money and never use them.

Plunge Pool for Urban Areas

People are more concerned these days about a public pool being safe. The ideal solution would be  to build a personal swimming pool on your property. Money is not always the main problem here; it is the lack of space. Small plunge pools are becoming an excellent solution.

These pools are designed for urban backyards and occupy a very limited space. They can be installed at minimum cost. These pools are for recreation, relaxation, and low-impact exercises which is why they have become so popular among outdoor lovers.

Designed by Chris Johannsen, built by JDO Enterprises.

Nontraditional Privacy Walls

Many houses in urban areas have small yards. It’s difficult to maintain a sense of privacy when dealing with this problem. Therefore, the popularity of privacy walls is on the rise.

You will find different types of privacy walls and shades having both traditional and non-traditional patterns. These privacy walls not only protect you from the curious eyes of your neighbors but also shade you from direct sunlight. They come in various shapes and sizes and colors. They can be  customized according to your needs


Artificial Turf And Plant Walls

In 2022, people are looking for more low-maintenance and low-cost landscaping options. As a result, the use of artificial turf is on the rise. As the demand for artificial turf is growing, manufacturers are making more high-quality turfs for the customers.

You can cover both large and small areas of your backyard or patio to have a natural appearance. The turf looks greener than natural grass and requires no watering, fertilizing, or mowing.

On the other hand, many people have become interested in gardening while staying locked in their houses. But not all have the luxury of having large backyards. Therefore, vertical gardening or wall gardening has been picked up by many people. Vertical gardening requires a small space of a deck or fence and allows you to grow flowers and vegetables vertically. They also make artificial options that will give you same look with low maintenance.

Outdoor Game Arrangements

Children and teenagers have been going through a lot of mental stress since the pandemic. They do not have the chance to play outside in the park or schoolyards like they used to. So, their parents have taken steps to modify their backyards or empty outdoor spaces to build games and sports arrangements.

People are setting up basketball courts, tennis courts, pools, and Ping-Pong tables that blend beautifully with the outdoor landscape. Even adults are using the outdoor space for workouts and other physical activities.

Designed by Chris Johannsen, Built by CCA

Outdoor TV

Not long ago, the idea of setting up a television in the outdoor living area used to be criticized. You are supposed to enjoy nature outside, so why watch TV that you can do indoors? These days, the trend is to maximize your enjoyment of the backyard by adding outdoor audio and video.

Backyard living rooms can now have TVs. The television can work like a magnet that gathers people in the outdoor space. Friends and family members can now watch games in the outdoor living room together while enjoying the weather. As outdoor living areas have more space, they can safely accommodate more people than the indoor living room area. If the space is covered from the elements, you do not need an outdoor TV.  A regular TV is just fine.

Outdoor Office

In the past year, we have been introduced to the trend of working from home. This is expected to continue in 2022 as well. Those who work from home often feel disturbed by a lack of privacy in the house. So, many remote workers have changed their balconies, patios, and terraces into outdoor offices.

These workspaces are furnished with necessary furniture like desks and chairs that are durable in different weather situations. You can work with no interruption and relax whenever you need. Others use the outdoor living space to create a comfortable space for reading or crafting

Designed by Chris Johannsen, built by CCA

Multiple Fire Features for Warmth and Ambiance

Installing fire pits and fireplaces is another trend for outdoor living areas in this list. Fire pits and fireplaces are now designed to be used all year round. These heating systems provide enough heat to keep people enjoying the outdoors even when the weather is freezing outside.

The thought used to be “I just need one fire feature”. Either a fireplace or a fire pit, but both are completely different experiences. The fireplace is more intimate and should be enjoyed with loved one and family. While the fire pit is more for social gatherings. In my personal backyard we have both. We find that when we have large gatherings the adults will enjoy the fireplace, while the kids are roasting marshmallows around the fire pit.  Sufficient separation is suggested. Having a dedicated fire element around or near the pool is great for dramatic light and reflections. Having all three can really set your space apart from others.

Why Should You Follow Outdoor Living Trends of 2022?

In this modern era, nothing is certain. Trends change every year. Trends are not limited to just style and fashion. It is also about following healthy practices.

Typical patios and backyards cannot equal the benefits provided by an updated outdoor living space. An updated outdoor living space can be beneficial for both mental and physical health of a person.

Here are some reasons why:

Encourages To Spend Some Time Outdoors 

When people spend more time indoors, they stay busy with their mobile phones. Spending hours on mobile phones is bad for your eyes. Spending too much time indoors can even cause mental health issues. But a trendy outdoor living area can help you stay healthy.

You can build a plunge pool to swim and relax. Or build outdoor gaming zones and workout areas for every family member. Following these trends will affect your health positively.

Entertaining Guest

Updated outdoor living rooms are excellent places for entertaining guests. You can install a TV and invite your friends to watch games together. You can cook food in your outdoor kitchen. Then serve at the large dining table outside. All the arrangements will make your house the one special.

Reducing Stress Level

When you decide to build your outdoor living area, you have to put in a lot of thought. You will add features that boost your mental health and lower your stress. You may add more green plants, cover the patio with green turf or grow plants on your vertical garden. Spending time in such an environment will reduce your stress and improve your mood.


As you can see, by considering the outdoor living trends for 2022, you can keep yourself prepared for current situations. People are spending more and more time at their house, so why not expand it into your backyard. A well-planned outdoor living area can keep things entertaining for all the family members. It can enhance your lifestyle and keep you mentally fit.

Want to have your outdoor living space, let us help you design it! We will show you your staycation in 3D with day and night versions. For more information go to www.creativescapes.design. Have a safe and healthy 2022!

As you spend more and more time inside your home, you’ll realize that there’s a lot of potential for a yard makeover. Yards and pool areas are a great hangout place for a lot of families. And who doesn’t want a beautiful, functional yard with a lot of features? While you might feel the sudden urge to take on this project yourself, think it through. No matter how much of a designer you are, hiring a professional can help you make the most of your yard. With their expertise, an Outdoor Living Designer will always see it in a different light than a Home Owner. If you’re still not convinced, let’s see the best reasons to hire a designer for your outdoor living space or pool. 

Why You Should Hire a Designer for Your Outdoor Living Space

From making better use of your available space to increasing your property value, hiring a professional to design your outdoor living space has a lot of advantages. While some people may choose to do it themselves, it’s simply a very daunting project to take on. It’s much more efficient with a professional and in the long run, it will save you money. Let’s check out some of the best reasons you should consider hiring a designer for your outdoor living space or pool.

● Professional Expertise- A professional designer has a lot of experience in this area and therefore will have a much better idea of how to make better use of your space. Whether you have a small yard or a lot of space lying around, without professional expertise it can be quite difficult to make sense of the design. Most DIYers take on random projects around the yard and don’t do a lot of planning when it comes to how it will all look together. With a professional designer, you can make a digital blueprint of the entire space and make a more cohesive outdoor living area. Whether it be the technicalities of light and shade, or what kind of placement might look better aesthetically and function better, without professional experience it’s hard to take these factors into account. So even if it might look like you can do it on your own, redecorating and hardscaping an entire yard is a lot of hard work. And it’s best not to take this up on your own.

● Getting Bids- Having a well-designed plan allows you to show your contractor what you want from them. This means your contractor gives you an exact value to how much the prices might be, as they know exactly what you are looking for from the project. So you can use this to your advantage. Show the design to different contractors and you can get a bid from them for the same project. This allows you to compare prices and get a good deal. This way there is very little chance of you getting overcharged for a project. You’ll be better able to understand the market value for each work and get multiple opinions.

● Seamless Communication- Another perk of having a detailed blueprint or plan for your outdoor living space is that you can communicate well with your contractor. Since there’s a visual model of how you want your space to look, it’ll be easier for the contractor to work. This also means that when something goes wrong or the work isn’t up to the mark, you have a leg to stand on when asking them to correct the mistake. Since everyone involved knows what the project should look like, there are no vague points left. So it’s easier to point out mistakes and get exactly what you’re paying for.

● Property Value- As a family, your home is usually the largest investment you’ll ever make at a time. So, renovating your home is never a bad thing. It increases the property value if you ever end up selling or renting it in the future. It’s hard to deny that there’s a stark difference between a DIY yard and one that has been designed by a professional. You can usually tell just by looking at it. If your home has a yard that is designed by a professional, it will usually increase your property’s value by a lot. So, it’s a long-term investment. Even if you have no plans on selling your property, you’ll be living and using this yard for a lifetime. If it costs you a little now, think of the returns you are getting. It’s a great investment.

● Budget Constraints- Proper planning can help you save a lot of money. If you go in blind, and take up one project at a time, instead of planning and designing the whole yard as a whole, then you’re going to end up wasting a lot of money that you could have saved with better planning. With a designer, you can see the bigger picture and therefore save money accordingly in areas where you can. You don’t always have the budget to do everything at once. Getting a master plan will allow you to take a phased approach. So, you will know beforehand that everything will work together, and not look like an afterthought. No need to undo or redo any work. Proper planning allows you to stick to your budget. You can discuss your budget constraints with your designer and they will give you a plan that works best with that budget. This is perhaps the best part about hiring a designer to plan your outdoor living space. Since you know exactly what you will need, there are very few chances of unforeseen charges here and there. Most of it is planned out, so you can set a very detailed budget and know beforehand where all your money is going. So even if hiring a designer cost, you a bit extra, it is worth it, because, in the overall picture, you’re saving a lot more money. It’ll end up being less expensive overall, as opposed to just doing everything by yourself.

● Contractor Referrals- Another amazing perk of working with a professional designer is that since they’ve worked at this scene for a while, they know all the good deals and have amazing referrals. They can connect you with the best contractors and ensure that your yard is in good hands. A great design cannot do much if the implementation lacks quality. This is why it’s important to work with experienced, and trusted contractors who will get the job done the best way possible. On your own, it can be very hard to source good contractors, and there’s always the risk that they won’t be trustworthy. So, if you get contractors through a trusted source, it’s going to be way easier to ensure that they do a good job and that you’re getting a good deal on the prices.

● Project Manager- As you work in your yard, you will see new problems arising at random steps in the process. Having a designer is like having a project manager. They can help give you ideas on how to best deal with the complications that arise. There may be space restrictions or something underground that makes a certain area unsuitable for a pool perhaps. In cases like this, having a designer is very helpful. They will ensure that you can capitalize on every opportunity.

● Uniqueness- A designer is first and foremost creative, and with their expertise, you can create a unique and customized yard that is designed for you. Every yard is different, and every owner has a different space. So, when you’re using cookie-cutter templates for DIY projects or hiring contractors to do the same old design, it doesn’t always work out. With a designer, not only can you put your personality and preferences into a part of your home, but you can also ensure that it’s functional considering the state of your yard. Each project is different and has different problem areas and perks. A designer makes a plan that is specific to your yard and suits you. So, you get the best possible outcome.


Our Outdoor Designer Services

At CreativeScapes Design, we put our clients’ vision first and help you design the space of your dreams. We design all your hardscaping plans, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and fireplaces, pools, patios, pool houses, and even structures. We’re here to help you out with all that, by giving you a comprehensive, 3D plan that you can use to make the most out of your space.

Since we want to incorporate your vision into our designs, we have a whole process through which we work. Here is how a design session with us might look like for you.

Step 1: Call for an interview

Once you get in touch with us, we will be setting up a phone interview with you to discuss what exactly it is you want. This is the perfect time to tell us about your vision and what you want from a designer. If you have any questions or concerns you can ask us as well.

If we’re a good fit for what you want, we’ll go forward with the process and talk about your ideas and start on our designing process. This is where we decide on the scope of the work and set a goal.

Step 2: Checking out the space

After we’ve figured out what you want, we will come over for an on-site visit. We’ll check out what we’re working with and take measurements and span the topography of your yard. You can show us exactly what you want and where you might prefer them, and we’ll give you our expert opinion on whether that’ll be a good idea.

You can also discuss what kind of materials you want to incorporate in your project. And according to your budget, we’ll give you an idea of what you can achieve and how much potential the space has.

Step 3: Design

Now that we have a clearer idea of your space, we can begin designing your living space. We’ll be making a blueprint of our designs, always keeping your preferences in mind. For the best results, you should share your inspiration pictures and ideas so we get a better idea of what kind of aesthetic you prefer.

Whether it be magazines or from Pinterest, making a board of inspiration ideas is a great way to get your point across. And thinking of the viability of your preferences is up to us, of course. We’ll try to design it in the best way possible without compromising on your budget or vision.

Step 4: Review

It’s time for another meeting! Once we have a design set up, we will go over it with you. It’s best if we have this meeting in the yard, but we can also meet up at our office. We will be doing a flythrough of the project, so you get a better idea of what we’re aiming for.

This stage is meant to keep you updated on where we’re headed. If you don’t like something, you can change it. Once we discuss changes and agree on a plan, we’ll start on our final design.

Step 5: Final Review

Once you are happy with your design, we will send you all the pictures and the video, and everything you’re going to need to show your contractor to implement the design. We will also provide you with 2D plans complete with measurements.

And to top all of these off, we’ll also provide you with our recommendations of contractors we’ve worked with. These are well-trusted people, who will get the job done.


Now that you know all the best reasons to hire a designer for your outdoor living space or pool, I’m sure you’ll consider hiring one before you start renovating your yard. A well-designed outdoor space is not only enjoyable for years to come, it also makes your property way more valuable.

So, it’s a win-win. Hope this helped!