A Sneak Peek into Our Designing Process

A Sneak Peek into Our Designing Process

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We center our approach on creating outdoor spaces that match your preferences, rather than just “tackling another project”. In this post, we’ll take you behind the scenes to share a sneak peek into our designing process.

Understanding Client Needs and Expectations

The genesis of every project we handle begins with you, our client. Through initial phone interviews, we listen intently to understand your vision and the scope of the work you’re looking to undertake. These conversations help us grasp your preferences, budget, and how we can best serve your needs. This client-centric approach is what sets us apart and fuels our design process.

Site Analysis and Assessment

Following our initial discussions, we arrange an on-site meeting to delve deeper into the specifics of your project. This isn’t just about discussing the elements and materials you want to incorporate; it’s also about understanding the topography of your yard. We take detailed measurements, photographs, and assess the site’s unique characteristics. This thorough site analysis ensures that the final design is in perfect harmony with your space.

Conceptual Design and Sketching

With a comprehensive understanding of your needs and site specifics, our design team starts crafting your vision into conceptual designs and sketches. We take into account all the essential factors like budget, your personal preferences, and the unique conditions of the site. Our goal at this stage is to transform your expectations into a tangible and visually engaging design concept.

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Detailed Design Development

The progression from rough sketches to detailed plans is a crucial aspect of our designing process. We use advanced design tools to create accurate and detailed plans, taking care of potential issues at this stage. Our meticulous attention to detail is what makes us standout, as we believe it’s this precision that translates your dream outdoor space into a reality.

Design Presentation

We are excited to present our design ideas through an immersive 3D video fly-through of your project, showing day and night views. This presentation not only allows you to visualize your space but also helps in identifying any potential changes you might want. We supplement the 3D visualization with still shots from various angles and a detailed 2D project plan with measurements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the project.

Design Revisions and Approval

Once you’ve had a chance to review the initial design, we use your feedback to refine and perfect it. Our design process is iterative and flexible, meaning we work with you closely until we have a design that truly encapsulates your vision. Following any necessary adjustments, we arrive at the final design that is a true reflection of your expectations.

Transitioning from Designing Process to Installation

The thrill of approving the final design is quickly followed by the transition to installation. We transform the designs into actionable installation plans, aiding the contractor in bringing your vision to life. Having a detailed set of project plans not only holds the contractor accountable but also ensures a smooth transition from design to installation.


Our designing process is both comprehensive and client-centric, aimed at creating an outdoor living space that resonates with your vision. We hope this sneak peek into our process has given you a better understanding of the meticulous planning and creative thought that goes into each of our designs.

We are always ready to discuss your vision and bring it to life. Get in touch with us at Creativescapes, where your dream outdoor living space awaits.