The Choice is Yours - Free-form VS Rectangle

The Choice is Yours – Free-form VS Rectangle

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A weekend by the pool is the perfect summer activity. The parents get some time to themselves to relax in the sun. Water play creates lasting memories for children. Pools are a source of great joy for neighborhoods throughout the United States. Indeed, sometimes public swimming pools fall short of expectations. It’s not uncommon for them to get too cramped, ruining any chance of having a good time. Instead, most households opt to build a pool in their backyard. But when they do, they are often faced with a challenging decision. They learn that they have to decide between a free-form vs rectangle pool.

Finding the right pool shape might be difficult. Thankfully, that’s exactly why we exist. This article will help you determine which type of pool will provide your family with the most advantages.

Free-form vs rectangular pool: What Difference Does It Make?

You might be wondering why it even matters what type your pool is. After all, everyone knows that a pool is nothing more than a place to take a refreshing dip. There are many types of pools that can be built in a backyard, choosing which one is perfect for you and your family is the hard part. Let’s dive into the difference between free-form vs rectangle pools.

That point of view could be useful for some pool installers. Nonetheless, most people’s decisions on pool type are likely to be influenced by factors outside these. Nevertheless, one pool shape tends to dominate the market: the rectangle pool.

For instance, the size of your outdoor space could play a role in your final decision. Several pool shapes become difficult to install if your backyard is long but narrow. But this issue can be easily solved by installing a rectangular pool.

A “thin rectangle” pool is an option for homeowners. The width of this pool is much smaller than its length. Their typical width is between 8 and 10 feet.

In addition, various pool shapes serve various purposes. For instance, homeowners who want to use their pools for exercise can greatly benefit from a rectangular pool. These pools are great for water aerobics and lap swimming. This is due to their vast widths and well-defined lanes.

You can also customize a rectangular pool. They round off the edges of the pool as one design element. Using this method, a pool builder can add a spa or similar features on one side of the pool with relative ease.

A Rectangular Pool: Why Choose It?

Rectangular pools are simpler to set up and build because of their uniform shape. The geometric form is simple to modify to suit yards of varying sizes. The rectangular pool is a popular design because of its ease of construction.

The ability to swim lengthwise in a rectangular pool is an extra perk. A rectangular pool is a good option if you want to start swimming for health reasons and regular exercise.

You can also consider a rectangular pool since it suits your aesthetic preferences better. This pool design complements contemporary homes very well. Its clean lines will complement any modern interior. The modern vanishing edge style, sometimes called an infinity pool, can enhance this.

Rectangular pools: Their sizes and shapes

You can customize the shape and size of your ideal pool to fit any space.

What Exactly Is A Freeform Pool?

A free-form pool is ideal for the creative designer. These pools don’t conform to any set shape, and they don’t have limits on the pool’s design or size. A freeform pool could be the best option if you’re looking for a pool shape unique to you or your backyard.

The addition of a spa is a popular feature in freeform pools. They have a more circular form and are typically larger than rectangular pools. Freeform pools can be customized to suit any property.

How to Make the Most of a Freeform Pool

As was previously said, freeform pools are irregular in form. This makes them suitable for use in virtually any outdoor space. A freeform pool could be the best solution for an overcrowded garden or a sloping landscape. You can scale a freeform pool to fit in any yard.

If buying a standard, uniform pool shape doesn’t match your vision, you’ve found the right pool shape. Because freeform pools provide you with unlimited freedom in creating them and come in such a wide variety of shapes, we’re confident that we have the perfect pool for you.

Freeform pools are typically substantially bigger than their rectangular counterparts. This means extra room to play games, swim, and grill out with the family all summer.

Free-form vs rectangle: no wrong choice

Making a decision between free-form vs rectangular shapes might be challenging. But keep in mind that there is no “bad” option. Creativescapes is here to turn your dream pool into a real one. Visit our site today to choose from our wide variety of rectangular and freeform pools!