Virginia Pool Designers | What to Add to Your Pool

Virginia Pool Designers | What to Add to Your Pool

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When it comes to crafting an exceptional pool, we believe in the power of personalization. After all, your pool should be a reflection of your style, serving as the centerpiece for gatherings and offering a soothing retreat right in your backyard. In this blog, we’ll share some of our top suggestions for unique features you might consider for your pool.

Factors to Consider When Designing Your Pool

Before we delve into the potential add-ons, it’s vital to consider a few factors. Your pool’s primary use, the space you have available, your budget, safety requirements, maintenance, and aesthetics should all play a crucial role in your decision-making process. After all, our goal at CreativEscapes is not just to create a stunning design but to ensure it seamlessly fits into your lifestyle and preferences.

Unique Features to Add to Your Pool

There’s a myriad of features that can elevate the look and function of your pool. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Pool Lighting

Think beyond daylight hours. With strategic pool lighting, you can swim safely at any time while also adding a magical ambiance.

Water Features

Whether it’s a soothing fountain or cascading waterfalls, these elements add movement and sound, enhancing the overall pool experience.

Pool Heating

To extend your swimming season and make late-night dips more comfortable, consider a pool heating system.

In-pool Bar and Seating

An in-pool bar with seating areas is perfect for those who love to entertain. It provides a relaxed, social atmosphere right in the water.

Integrated Hot Tub or Spa

A hot tub or spa within the pool design allows for relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

Beach Entry

A beach entry provides a gentle, sloping transition into the water, making it easier for children and the elderly.

Automatic Pool Covers

A practical addition for safety, maintenance, and energy-saving reasons.

Landscaping and Poolside Features

The area surrounding your pool contributes significantly to the overall experience. We excel in designing outdoor spaces that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Our team can help you craft the perfect poolside, from comfortable seating areas to outdoor kitchens and fire pits for those delightful summer evenings.

Integrating Smart Technology in Pool Design

Technology has transformed how we interact with our homes, and your pool is no exception. From automated maintenance systems to energy-efficient options, our team can guide you in integrating smart tech that enhances your pool experience and can be controlled from your favorite device.


Whether you’re a fan of traditional geometric designs or prefer freeform creations, our team at CreativEscapes can bring your vision to life. We specialize in pool designs tailored to your specific needs, and with our state-of-the-art 3D visualization tools, you can visualize your pool and outdoor living space before construction begins.

We understand that it’s not only about creating a stunning design, but also about ensuring a smooth execution. That’s why we provide comprehensive project management alongside our design services. From coordinating contractors to overseeing the construction process, we handle the details, so you can look forward to enjoying your new outdoor space stress-free.

With our design consultation services, we can help turn your ideas into reality. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we’re here to help!